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Round 2 tickets are now available!

Book your ticket by clicking on the boxes below.

They will take you to a Google form to make a reservation. You must then make the payment by bank transfer to confirm your booking using the details found in the form.

You will receive confirmation within three days of payment.

Churchill Standard


Churchill Bursary


Medwards & Fitz Standard


Add a guest ticket to your reservation by clicking on the box below. You can add up to three guests. To add multiple guests, fill in the form multiple times.

Please note that you are responsible for paying for your guest(s) and you are also responsible for the behaviour of your guest(s).

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You can reserve tickets as a group to get a discount.

Group of 5

£139 each

Group of 10

£129 each

You can add a queue jump for £25 when purchasing your ticket.

£5 from each queue jump ticket will be donated to Jimmy's shelter, Cambridge's local shelter that aims to battle homelessness in and around Cambridge. There is also an option to donate to the local charity an additional £2 with every ticket.


The committee care deeply about providing all our guests with the best possible experience. See our Accessibility page for more information.


Churchill May Ball has made every effort to ensure that this event is sustainable as can be, although we recognise that any event will have some negative impact on the climate. See our Sustainability page for information on the assessment of our impact and the actions we have taken to mitigate this.


Applications for workers are now closed! Thank you to everyone who applied - decisions will be made in the coming weeks.



Davina Wang

[email protected]


Ethan Sosin

[email protected]

First Lady

Samuel Buick

[email protected]


Ita Neumeyer

[email protected]


Lottie Deane

[email protected]

Art and Decoration Officer

Daniel Vollborth

[email protected]

Art and Decoration Officer

Anamaria-Stefania Andrei

[email protected]

Art and Decoration Officer

Edward Xu

[email protected]

Personnel and Security Officer

Maiya Bukanova

[email protected]

Health, Safety and Accessibility Officer

David McIntosh

[email protected]

Light and Sound Officer

Ben Davison-Petch

[email protected]

Drink Officer

Sophie Cheeseman

[email protected]

Food Officer

William Le

[email protected]

Logistics Officer

Beni Prapashtica

[email protected]

Non-Musical Ents Officer

Mridul Shrestha

[email protected]

Live Musical Ents Officer

Alicia Zhou

[email protected]

DJ Director

Frank Baugh

[email protected]

Ticketing Officer

Christabel Tsibu

[email protected]

Marketing Officer

Mischa McRae

[email protected]

IT Officer

William Henderson

[email protected]