The committee care deeply about providing all our guests with the best possible experience. This page outlines the (hopefully) comprehensive measures we have implemented to achieve this goal. However, if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns after reading through this page, we warmly invite you to contact us at We're committed to accommodating individual requirements to the best of our ability and would love to discuss how we can tailor our facilities and services to suit your unique circumstances.

In particular, please contact us if:

If you do not contact us, we will do our very best to accommodate your nights. Information on how to contact one of the committee on the night, will be circulated nearer to the event.


Are bursary tickets available for the ball?

Yes! Information on bursary tickets is available on the homepage.

Will there be pressure to drink?

No! All drinks will have a non-alcoholic alternative and one of the bars will be specifically non-alcoholic. All entertainment throughout the ball is designed to be enjoyed by both tipsy and sober guests!

Will there be a quiet area?

Yes! At the moment, we expect that the ball will include a dedicated quiet room, a quieter alcohol-free bar, and a relaxed cinema. We are also planning for the ball to have a silent disco, in which you'll have control over the volume of music you wish to dance to. This will be updated once we have confirmed the performers at the ball, with more specific volume information on each page.

Will there be flashing lights?

We do not anticipate the presence of strobe lights in the majority of the ball and any walkways will not contain them. This will be further confirmed when we release the accessible map of the ball. The ball may also contain fireworks or other pyrotechnics but there will be clear notice when this is going to occur.

Will the ball be signposted?

Yes! The full ball will be clearly signposted in a large and readable font.

Did Churchill achieve the Access-a-ball accreditation at their last ball?

No. At the last ball, two years ago, Churchill was not signed up to the Access-a-ball scheme. We have joined the scheme this year and are actively working towards accreditation.

Will there be photos taken at the ball?

Yes. Currently we expect two photographers to be in attendance at the ball. By buying a ticket you consent for appropriate photos to be used for marketing and engagement purposes. If you are not comfortable, with photos being taken, please get in touch.

Will there be a security presence at the ball?

Yes! Churchill hires a larger amount of security than other may balls to ensure that each guest gets the best possible experience. A security team will be present throughout the night to ensure that unauthorised visitors do not enter the site, and to alert the committee to potential hazards.

Can children come to the ball?

No. Because of the presence of the alcohol, this event is only open to people over the age of 18. We will be checking IDs at the door.

Mobility Constraints

Will you be able to provide queue jumps?

Yes! Queue jumps are optional to buy for an additional fee of £25. We may also be able to offer free queue jumps as part of our accessibility commitment, and in some cases we may be able to offer queue jumps for the food trucks or toilets (although we do not anticipate long queues). Please contact us if you believe you require this.

Will there be an accessible viewing stage for the headliner?

We are attempting to source a seated and accessible viewing area for the headliner, although this is dependent on many factors outside of our control. We'll update this once we know more.

Is the site mapped?

Yes! A site map and further information is available here. Closer to the event, we will provide a map specific to the May Ball. We anticipate that all areas will be universally accessible.

Food, Dietary Requirements, and Allegies

Do you cater to Vegetarians/Vegans?

Yes! At least 75% of food will be Vegetarian as part of our commitment to Sustain-a-ball. All diets will be accommodated to and we aim to develop a personalised menu with full allergen details before the ball.

Do you cater to Halal diets?

Yes! We have dietary information on all our suppliers. We expect the majority of meat we serve to be Halal.

Do you cater to Kosher diets?

We acknowledge the limited availability of Kosher food from local suppliers in Cambridge and are striving to make arrangements to ensure those with Kosher dietary requirements have food options during the event. Please make sure you declare this dietary need when purchasing a ticket, or by contacting us directly to let us know. It would be helpful if this dietary information could be provided well in advance of the event.

Will you have allergen information?

Yes! We are planning on producing a virtual menu before the ball, with information on all the food available at the ball and the associated diet information.

Health and Safety

Will there be first aid available at the ball?

Yes! Four trained first aiders from St John's Ambulance will be available throughout the night. Additionally, our porters are able to assist for minor injuries.

Will I be able to take my medication into the ball?

Yes, any necessary medication can be taken into the ball. However, please contact us before the ball, such that it is not confiscated by security.

Will there be recreational drugs at the ball?

Churchill May Ball has a strict no-drugs policy. Anyone attempting to bring drugs into the ball or under the influence of drugs, will be refused entry without a refund.

Is smoking or vaping allowed at the ball?

The rules for smoking will be the same as those in the college's normal operating hours. The college has some designated smoking areas, and smoking or vaping is otherwise prohibited inside the site.

Will there be excessive drinking at the ball?

While alcoholic beverages are available at the event, excessive drinking and intoxication are not acceptable. We encourage responsible consumption of alcohol. Anyone deemed to be excessively intoxicated will either be asked to leave the event or asked to stay in an isolated area for some time, for their safety and the safety of others. The committee reserve the right to ask anyone to leave at any time, and no refund will be provided in this case. More information on this is available in our terms and conditions.

Will there be glass or crockery at the ball?

For health and safety reasons, the committee has decided to use no glasses or crockery during the ball. You can read about this further in our sustainability policy.

What will happen if there is a fire at the ball?

A clear evacuation plan has been developed in case of a fire as part of our health and safety policy, and a team of fire wardens will be present throughout in case of this occurrence. We do not anticipate any emergencies and you will be protected if any do occur.

Are you doing anything about drink spiking?

We do not anticipate this to be a problem, because all guests will be easily identifiable, and Churchill has CCTV throughout the building. However, we have been looking into getting anti-spiking drinks covers, which we expect will be available at all bars.

If I feel unsafe at the ball, what should I do?

Call one of the committee immediately, or alert a May Ball worker. If you feel uncomfortable because of a particular person, we will be able to separate the offending person from you no questions asked. We have a no tolerance policy for harassment of any kind.


Will there be an accessible toilet?

Yes, there is an accessible toilet in the centre of college. The location for this is in the Churchill site map, and will be included in the map of the May Ball when it is released.

Last year, there was a queue for toilets. Will this happen this year?

No, we have hired additional toilets for this reason!

Are the toilets gender-neutral?

Most of the toilets in Churchill are gendered. We have hired an additional luxury toilet trailer and this will be gender neutral. The accessible toilet is gender neutral.